Today God is teaching me something I’ve resisted most of my life–intimacy. I know the importance of this word’s application to life, but I’ve only trusted it at arm’s length when it came to me personally. As I was journaling this morning I was reflecting on the nice day yesterday was with family. Along with this I had a couple hundred messages on Facebook from classmates, students, friends and family which were reminders of relationships I’ve loved. I was thanking God for this. I then wrote that I appreciated our friendship and likened our friendship to mentoring. A friend often is one who gives good guidance when we need to hear it and does it in a way that makes one want to follow it. This is what The Holy Spirit does so I connected friendship to mentoring.

When I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, He responded that mentoring is a trait of friendship, but the best part of friendship was intimacy. He led me down a memory path with Him that caused me to realize that in every adult case of friendship, I have never been threatened with sexual use like my childhood abuse. I could now let this go into His Hands once and for all. Intimacy has a trust connected to it which allows our spirits to connect in a spiritual way that far exceeds simple human flesh. In all of this He brought to mind so many friendships where this is true. Most of all, He brought to mind how this is true for Him and me. That makes me tear up quickly!

Our God is such an Amazing God. He is Abba Father and He loves us dearly!

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