Today is another glorious day. I spent yesterday getting a host of yard work done that didn’t have to be done, but if one is a gardener, one can’t just let these things go–dead heading roses, pruning back plants that are overtaking their area and robbing others of their rightful spots, etc. It sounds a little goofy when I write it here, but for me, I don’t rest well when these things need attention. Today, I feel much better having all of that done.

This morning’s devotions has brought to light the importance of God’s Holy Spirit. In the second book of Corinthians, Paul is writing that the word Lord doesn’t always mean Jesus Christ. In the case of II Corinthians 3:17 this clarity is brought out. I know that The Holy Spirit is my Gift from Jesus Christ coming into my life. However, even though this reality has been appreciated, it has not been very well understood by me. I have always wanted a richer connection to The Holy Spirit in my life and now I am beginning to see that often times when I think Jesus is nudging me, it is The Holy Spirit. In fact, the intimacy I wrote about yesterday is something I’d love to find with The Holy Spirit.

How I love this TEAM we get to serve: God my Father, Jesus my Savior and Lord, and The Holy Spirit, my Lord and Guide. Growing into deeper and deeper relationship with them is life’s greatest Gift here on earth. How fortunate we are to live this side of the Cross instead of on the side of the laws and sacrifices.

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