I had a very interesting devotional time this morning. As I began to journal it didn’t seem there was too much to address with Jesus so I quickly wrote my daily question to Him–“What do you want me to know from You for today?” He asked me how I knew what I write each day from Him is actually from Him? I found this interesting because I had never questioned this voice and message. I told Him it started when I was addressing the young Earnie and over the months the voice messages seemed to grow into ones of wisdom. The messages never went against scripture and would always complete or support scripture promises.

As I began to read my devotional, its title was “True Faith Knows How to Wait”. Its message was learning to trust God’s Word and His Voice. When the message sought doesn’t come, it simply means to wait. When other other voices/messages come use the Shield of Faith to distinguish them.

Lastly, as I went to God’s Word, the chapter title was “Living by Faith”, II Corinthians 5. God is bringing out the importance of this chapter’s title–Living by Faith. Trusting God’s timing is often a stretch for we all like to have our wants/desires met even when they seem to be unselfish ones: our children’s safety and decisions, the choices of those seeking help from us, etc. God’s message to wait for His Work to complete itself and have complete faith in His Work is my message for today.

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