I’ve been fighting a summer cold the last couple of days and today, I think I’m going to win. It is breaking up. In years past I would have thought that God was giving me a sign to quit doing what I was doing or working on when a sickness hit. (I rarely have this happen). However, this time, I just chalked it up to being a grandpa who is getting older and needs to take care of himself. The new creation I am is still in a body of flesh.

Yesterday I wrote about the need to wait for God’s timetable and do so in faith believing He is working. This is the case for me with a couple of people needing help but they aren’t seemingly ready to receive the help without wanting to stay in control. I think we call this hitting rock bottom. I know God is working even when there isn’t any evidence man can see. I’m trusting God for I know He loves these men and I know they want to serve Him, but struggles have them occupied in controlling ways. I pray this rock bottom will hit sooner than later.

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