Yesterday’s biblical lesson was Faith, and today’s is GRACE. I don’t know about anyone else, but Grace is something I have genuine difficulty putting into perspective. It is gigantic in its scope of how I am to understand God and His Gift of Jesus and The Holy Spirit. The laws of obedience to God as outlined in the Old Testament are removed. The only requirement is accepting Jesus as our Savior and hopefully, accepting Jesus as our Lord. In return, we get the Gift of The Holy Spirit so He becomes our leader in following God, not the laws prior to Christ.

I don’t know about you, but I operate so much more smoothly and freely when I have a good structure in place–schedule. Even in my free time I always have a timeframe around what I want to get done. Some would call these rules/laws I must follow. Yet, for me these are simply what I enjoy having in place. I like order and I enjoy an orderly lifestyle. Grace allows this. I do it by choice rather than by requirement. I’ve always imposed this need for order on everyone thinking life must have order to operate smoothly. Somehow, God is wanting me to see that if I impose it, it becomes a law. If He inspires it, it becomes a desire–it’s a part of Grace.

Only God can give GRACE the way He did through the Cross. However, as I read Galatians I see how He does inspire us to let go of “the rules for living I make” and allow Him to turn those rules into desires for this is His Spirit’s miraculous work within each and every believer.

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