The little book of Galatians is one powerful book with its message for us. Our value to God is solely based on the work of Jesus Christ at the Cross and His Resurrection. Through this act we are given the chance to be seen as holy just like God saw His Son Jesus. My part in this is believing it is true through FAITH in what Jesus did Believing it was as real for me as for any other man was my job.

The third chapter of Galatians is packed with this truth. FAITH is the key. All of those years I worked so hard trying to find value. Now I realize the value I was seeking was value to me. If I went inside of me I only saw the ugliness of the sins done to me. No works cleansed them by things I did. No song sung beautifully, no lesson taught fully, no flower bed blooming profusely was sufficient to give value. It gave momentary pleasure, but no value. I thought all I could do was keep trying. Surely God would someday notice.

My value to God was completed at the Cross. Only in FAITH can it be completed in me. I am so grateful to finally be at the place where I not only know this, but I believe it is real for me. How patient our God is helping us over miles and miles of stumbling blocks to finally see more clearly than ever thought possible. Thank you my Abba Father!

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