I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that the Celebrate Recovery Summit began and a few of us were attending it virtually at our church. During the day, the leader who heads the lessons and testimonies told me the person who was to teach the lesson tonight wouldn’t be able to do it. Even though I didn’t really have time to study the lesson I volunteered to teach it since I’ve taught it in previous years. I didn’t get home last night until 9 pm because I was helping my oldest daughter use her new pressure cooker to can beans for her first time. When I got home I took out the lesson so I could prep for it this early morning. Little did I know how God was going to use my daily devotional learning to reinforce this lesson.

Gratitude is the lesson for tonight’s CR. As I simply began to read through it I first of all noticed that the Principle is 7 which is the same one from a couple weeks ago when I taught Daily Inventory. The Principle tells us to take the time each day to assess the day seeing how we have done and if we allowed God to be the center of the day. Gratitude is the outcome of learning to do this well as we learn to surrender ourselves to God ahead of a struggle so we don’t fall into a relapse of whatever sinful nature we struggle with.

The Principle ends with the statement “…to gain the power to follow His Will.” This has been a huge focus of late for me since I like so many others tend to rely quickly on my own strength and then fail again. God is wanting me to learn to surrender to Him allowing His Holy Spirit to become my strength. This step of surrender opens the door for a new reason to have gratitude. Evil has no power in the presence of God and His Holy Spirit. I’m not done learning and applying all I need to in this arena, but I am much more awake than ever before. God s so Faithful and I am so GRATEFUL!

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