I was amazed this morning as I was journaling and asking Jesus what He wanted me to know from Him for today. Without hesitation He was asking me what was on my mind (already knowing what was on my mind). Today my wife and I are leaving at noontime for her family reunion. We will be gone for the weekend. With the Celebrate Recovery Summit taking place through today and all of the nighttime activities of the week, I haven’t even been able to pack, line up help for the watering in my yard and garden, etc. It only takes a little bit of time to get all of this done, but my mind this morning was consumed with these details. Jesus quickly reminded me that I didn’t need to fret about these, He already has them in His Hands. I can let the stress within me go and TRUST.

As long as I have been on life’s journey I still have embedded in me that need to ensure myself that details are not left hanging. I truly do know that Jesus is the Master of details, yet I have to have a reminder of this. When I got His message this morning I quickly thought that I would have no problem helping someone else know to trust Jesus, but for myself, the trust is not as well rooted as my advice would be. I’m still on the trek of learning!

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