July has several birthdays in it for our family, both Kathy and me. Yesterday was Kathy’s, today is my oldest living sis in California and it was also the birthday of one of my brothers who is gone now. Tomorrow will be my youngest granddaughter’s birthday and it was also the birthday of my oldest brother-in-law who passed a few years ago. It was a great day yesterday with the family reunion for my wife. They are a large family just as my own is. Lots of laughter and fun and tremendously good food!

Today I will head home with a grandson who is here in the valley for his own reunion on his dad’s side of the family. It will be enjoyable having a few hours on the road with him. He and I have always been close.

Today’s devotional message is striking. It said that the Word of God is tangible. Lay our hands on it and believe it to be true for us. As I began to read Ephesians 3 I read it just that way. The unfathomable love of God is just as real for us Gentiles as it is for the Jews. We are adopted into God’s family with full member rights! In these last few months, God has been increasingly helping me to believe and trust all that His Word says for it is genuinely true for each one of us. All of the lies that were in my head can be let go forever. As long as we are in the flesh, God is present giving us the opportunity to rely on His Spirit within us to squelch these lies. How I love Him for this!

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