Today’s devotion opens the eyes of my heart once again. In fact, it may not be once again, but for the first time. I don’t know about any other man, but when I try to bring scripture into tangible understanding I often have to quit at some point. The wording of my devotional this morning said it nicely, “…I am reviving you so you can believe again. Release the frustration. Relinquish the right to try and understand spiritual matters with your mind. They must be embraced from a much deeper place. They are light and life and truth. They are not confined by earthly measures. Faith is outside the limits of time and space. Faith stands in contrast to natural laws, doctors’ prognoses, and demonic attacks….”

I have been learning a lot this present year about living as a new creation. I didn’t expect this to be part of it. I just wanted to live as a new creation so I’d be free of the bondage of sinfulness. What I’m finding however, is a whole new way of living and thinking. It hadn’t struck me that God’s way of living was far beyond anything I had in mind. Living by faith, believing, trusting is the “common way to live” as a new creation. I am young in this so these frequent reminders are always needed to keep me focused. God is so faithful and I want to be too.

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