There is so much I love and enjoy about summer. The garden produce is great and the flowers throughout the season bring much joy and satisfaction to my heart. What I don’t enjoy so much is the heat. I love being outside anytime of year, but it loses some of the joy when the temperatures are reaching over 100 degrees. Well, with that said, I’d best get this written so I can pick the blackberries and help my daughter pick her bean crop before the temp gets to 100+.

Much more importantly, I’m truly appreciating reading through Paul’s books in my Passion Bible. For some reason, maybe it’s my own walk with God, the person of Paul is coming out so much more as I read this time. His messages are always packed with insights for his listeners and readers. His confidence and assurances are firm and as solid as Christ is solid. I love his confidence. As I continue to grow in my daily living as a new creation, I find my own confidence growing. It is not at all what my dad would label as arrogant, but its much more like a quiet assurance that this is exactly what God is wanting me to be doing. Yes, I do come up against my own doubts now and then about this counseling endeavor, but I am confident God is moving this forward with purpose and intent. I’m so fortunate to be part of it. Thank you Jesus!

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