Yesterday I wrote about Paul and his obedience to Christ and how well this is expressed in the Passion Bible I’m reading. Today as I was having my time with God and His Word, I found a repeated message that ties to yesterday. The message is that it is now time for me to make a firm commitment to “take every thought captive…” 2 Corinthians 10:5; and “I believe, help my unbelief….” Mark 9:24.

My thoughts can lead me down a path of unrighteousness which in the past led to the use of porn. It also can lead me to think one way about a person which isn’t true or to quickly think one way about a situation when I haven’t completely gotten the big picture. Today, God is pointing out that to do His Will with this ministry of counseling I need to not only take every thought captive, but to also believe that with Jesus and His Holy Spirit within me, I can do this.

My past had taught me to go “so far” in a venture but to stop at some point because I’m getting to close to being “found out”. Always fearing that my past would kill my future if it were known, I’d only go so far in a career path or in a volunteer setting. Today, God is helping me to step beyond these fears and put into place the confidence Paul demonstrates in his writings. God put his writings in the Bible to help us BELIEVE He will do the same for each of us if we will take our thoughts captive and believe.

I know this is what a new creation is to do and so I’m stepping into this today.

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