Today, the opening line of my devotional reads: “I have called you to be light, love and wisdom.” The title of the devotional is: I Want You to Think Like Me. It goes on to describe the darkness surrounding us in the world of today. We can easily get lost in this darkness or we can remember that there is a Great Light that far exceeds this darkness. Staying in the darkness is a choice. Light comes with believing, trusting, holding onto faith.

The issues being revealed from sponsoring and counseling always bring darkness to the table. God hasn’t called me to carry that darkness within, but to bring His Light into the darkness. It is by loving and using His Wisdom that bring this Light. Before I’d even read this line above in my devotional, I had journaled about the phone call yesterday seeking wisdom I didn’t have at the moment, but I said I would be praying for God’s Light to be shed what He’d want known. When I journaled about this God pointed out that His healing comes when we cooperate with HIs shed Light. We must be willing to believe, take a step into faith and trust all the while.

Learning to step into the darkness of fear and unknown is not an easy task. Yet, this is what God asks us to help others do–take a step of faith into darkness where we trust His Light will shine.

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