Yesterday morning I was able to put to task the message of yesterday. A man had asked for counsel and we met yesterday morning. It never ceases to amaze me how God uses exactly what He has been working with me to give assistance to someone else. The needs expressed were right in line with God’s work with me. Scriptures used were right there as the situation was brought to light. Maybe this shouldn’t surprise me, but it truly does. It also humbles me to have stepped into an area of great fear and experience God’s Spirit at work with someone and myself.

God is so kind and thoughtful in the way He works with us. I have waited a long time to finally discover the true depth of God’s care for each of us, including me. How grateful I am! This morning I am bringing two young men together as we meet for breakfast. I am a sponsor for each of them, but I am finding out if they are a fit for one another for each one’s accountability. It is so good to watch God work and get to be part of it. These are small steps I know, but very important ones as God grows this opportunity to serve Him in this capacity.

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