I often note in this blog how God orchestrates the coordination of my journaling with the day’s devotional reading along with the Bible reading I’m doing from The Passion. Well, today, the coordination put a smile on my face. Yesterday’s devotional reading was so perfectly aligned with my journaling and Bible reading. Today, as I had finished journaling and asking Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, I opened my devotional to find that yesterday I’d read the wrong devotion. I had skipped a page and read tomorrow’s message. I had to back up a page to find yesterday’s message and today’s. It just so happens it was no mistake. Yesterday’s message fit today’s message from Jesus and Paul’s message to the people of Colossians.

Years ago I would have said that this would be kind of freaky and I’d thank God for it anyway. Today I see it very differently. There is nothing freaky about it. God is simply at work in our everyday lives and He is very intentional about it. The other thing I’m beginning to see much more clearly is God’s Love. Over and over we are told in Paul’s writing to deliver God’s message through His Love. This is truly outlined well in I Corinthians 13. What is hitting me is that now that I’m more anchored in my Faith &Trust, God is wanting me to realize that all I do is to be done in evidence of His Love. I will never be a true Light carrier if I don’t carry/deliver it in Love. God’s Wisdom is only His if it is given in God’s Love. My present learning–lesson.

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