This morning’s devotional message was so clear and beautiful. It starts with the message that God’s Love is evidenced by the Grace given to us. Then as I read my bible, the Passion, Paul is making it abundantly clear to the followers in Colossae about Christ’s work on the Cross for all who believe. Starting in Colossians 2:14 it reads: “He canceled out every legal violation we had on our record…. He erased it all–our sins, our stained soul–he deleted it all and they cannot be retrieved.”

A couple of weeks ago one of the men receiving counseling stated his doubt in Christ’s love for him. His sins were just too great. The counselor I’m observing doing the actual counseling simply stated at that time that Christ had permanently erased all of that sin he was talking about. She told him it was time he began confronting the lies of his past so he could forgive himself just as Christ had already forgiven him.

At the time I was listening to all of this, I was acknowledging the truth of it. I knew those lies this man was believing for himself for I thought exactly the same for me not so long ago. Yet, when she told him what she said and I heard it, God nudged me to anchor into this truth once and for all. Then, as I read this morning’s scripture, it was clearly and beautifully stated again. This time I rejoiced and gave thanks that I am not a prisoner any longer to the lies of my past. God is abundantly GOOD!

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