A major reason I could never see myself as a home for the Holy Spirit was the horribly ugly sin of sexual abuse. No confession of the sin would remove the ugliness. My heart just wasn’t fit to be the home for the purity of God’s Holy Spirit. Though I knew scripture says our heart is the home for The Holy Spirit, I would quickly move away from that thought knowing it overwhelmed my desire that couldn’t be true. On top of that, I had impure thoughts relating to this sexual sin which only intensified this ugliness and my unworthiness.

God has performed His miracle, however, for me. I realize the abuse done to me was not mine to own and I do not own it any longer. Also, the fact that my flesh has temptations doesn’t make me impure, it makes me human. Along with all of this, these sins are “common to man” as I Cor. 10:13 tells us.

Knowing and believing all of this today, I rejoiced when I read today’s devotional entitled: “You are a Beautiful Dwelling Place”. Not so long ago I would have read this and knew in heaven this would finally be true. God wanted me believing this now and He has helped me to now believe I am a new creation who is a beautiful dwelling place for His Holy Spirit with Christ on the throne of my heart. There are no words in my vocabulary to express the depth of my gratitude. I believe, however, God knows this depth of gratitude and He gives me that deep settled peace in my soul!

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