Last night we had three counseling sessions in a row. The second one centered around the theme of what I wrote yesterday in this blog. I thought I was hearing my own story from another man. Actually, I was hearing the same struggle. I am still in the mode of observing the counseling so mostly I sat, listened and observed the scene as the man kept hearing truths he hadn’t ever been able to believe for himself. I love so much being able to see Light being shed for the first time just as it was shed for me not so long ago. This Light obliterates the lies of Satan and opens our mind and heart to a deep settled truth we can’t grasp otherwise. God is so AMAZING as He leads us through steps of healing!

Today we leave for Destin, Florida. Our oldest grandson is graduating from a division of the Air Force he has been in training to do for the past 9 months. We are very proud of him and look forward to all that God will be doing with him in the days and years ahead. We are staying for a week so we can have some time with him after tomorrow’s graduation. He will be free to “roam” for a short period of time until he is placed at his next assignment which is in S. California (much closer to home). We are also taking our next oldest grandson so the two of them can have some time together. He just graduated from high school and this is his graduation present. He has never been east of Idaho so he says he’s looking forward to seeing parts of our country unknown to him.

I’ve wondered what we ought to do while gone, but I keep being reminded by God’s Spirit that He will put this itinerary together as we get there. Just let Him lead. I go with great trust knowing the time will be a blessing.

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