Today will be our last full day in Florida. It has certainly been a wonderful trip. I came with one thing in mind–support my graduating grandson. Along with that, I got to meet some of his close friends and spend time with them, spend a great deal of time with my own family members who also came, and experience some highlights totally unintended–parasailing.

My grandson left early this morning to head to Idaho. He will stop at our daughter’s place in Oklahoma City tonight and then head to Denver where he has a friend who will house him for the second night. It will be Idaho on Friday. God is so good at taking care of every detail. I am learning this lesson over and over. I was reminiscing this morning with Jesus about how He has changed me from one who continuously doubted His love for me to someone who can’t stop thanking Him for the endless love He has for me. The world needs to know that our God cares!

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