Well, the casual day I expected yesterday as our last day in Florida, turned into a much different one. Our 2nd grandson who we brought with us for his high school graduation present, was having some stomach issues. We stopped at a pharmacy to talk with the pharmacist to see what he’d suggest. We got a couple of items which Hayden, grandson, took. By noontime, he was feeling worse so we went to quick care. They sent us on to the ER unit down the road a mile. We spent about 4 hours there where they did a CT scan and blood work. They had Hayden transported by ambulance to their main hospital to be examined by a surgeon to see if what the scan showed needed surgery. All this time I kept telling the ones at the ER we were to leave tomorrow and we needed to know if this issue could wait and be treated back home. No one seemed to hear this.

As Kathy and I drove to the hospital where Hayden had been transported, we stopped at the hotel to get a couple things we’d want for the hospital. In so doing we both reached out for prayer. I had our church prayer chain enacted along with contacting relatives. Kathy did the same. We ended up being at the hospital for another 5 hours. It was there that a nurse realized we wanted to head home if this isn’t something that could wait. The hospital was intending to admit Hayden and have the surgeon talk with us the next day. This nurse and another one got a doctor to finally talk with us. He said there was no reason to stay there. He released us and said to have Hayden’s doctor take care of this when we got home.

There’s much more to this story, but the lesson I learned was the importance of reaching out for prayer. Kathy initiated the thought when we got to the hotel. I’m always a little reticent to tell something like this, but at that point, I was feeling quite helpless. Within minutes we had hundreds praying and family continuously reaching out to us. A few hours later we were back in our room.

My lesson–my words were heard when I had surrendered my helplessness by reaching out. I needed this lesson.

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