Every once in a while I have someone close to me point out a character flaw. I’ve been a part of Celebrate Recovery long enough to know a good deal about character flaws. I listen to a good number of folks talk about their own. I pray with them and provide support as I can. So, this time, when I had this flaw pointed out to me I thought it is time to deal with it. I’ve attributed my flaws to my abuse, however, I think it is more just a part of my personality–the way I’m wired. Either way, it needs Godly attention.

This morning in my journaling I began to write about this character flaw and asking Jesus to help me with it. The first thing He pointed out is that I need to surrender it. I can’t change it, only He can. During this processing time He reminded me that He, the Great Healer, lives within me and I dwell in The Holy Spirit as He is a living part of me. I can discipline myself for a period of time, but the volcano will erupt at some point and I’m back realizing I can do nothing on my own (as though that is a new reality!).

So, this morning, I surrendered this flaw to Jesus. i know I’m a new creation and this is just one more reality I’m awakening to as I journey now as this new being in Jesus Christ.

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