The Journey Continues: August 19, 2022

Outside of an hour delay in Dallas we got home without a hitch. Our grandson has an appointment with his own doctor right after lunch today so we can take care of this issue here at home. God is good!

I crawled into bed last night at 11:58 pm glad I was home and looking forward to getting my yard caught up today. When I got up this morning I saw a note on my desk saying oil change and suddenly remembered I’d made one prior to leaving last week. It takes 30 mins to get here and I had 35 mins at the time I saw the note. I certainly got ready in a hurry and made it. So this is being written at the Toyota dealership.

Mostly today I want to thank God for his unfailing love and care. I’ve learned so much about this in the past couple of years. I never want to take it for granted.

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