Yesterday I completed the on-line class I was taking to prepare me for the biblical counseling ministry. Just taking it took me back into the days when I was completing my graduate work for school administration. That was 47 years ago. I’ve taken many courses since that time, but none that required the depth of work this one did. However, the learning from the class is deeply appreciated and has helped to show me just how important it is to counsel always with Jesus’ healing work in mind.

As I thinking last night about the fact the class is done I figured I would sleep well. Actually I did sleep well until 4:30 am. There seemed to be more God was wanting me to know. When I published my autobiography in 2015 I did this to let others know they didn’t need to live in the bondage of their past. I look back at this time 7 years later to see the bondage I felt when the book came out. I remember thinking that I’d just opened myself to the world and I was not ready to face this.

During these past 7 years God has helped me to move from sharing my past to believing in the present and future. In so doing, use the past to help others to see how one can surrender the bondage and accept forgiveness and grace. Then, begin to realize there is an entirely different day and future for them when everything they do is no longer bound by chains of the past.

There is no freedom like that which Jesus Christ provides. This is the goal of biblical counseling. I’m so grateful for Christ’s faithfulness and patience helping a grandpa find this for himself and now having the opportunity to pass this enlightenment on to others.

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