The power of praise. This was this morning’s devotional message. Praise is the foundation of Faith. If we want to grow our faith we will do so by praising God in the midst of any storm knowing and believing the outcome of the storm will be led by God. As I was reading all of this I had already journaled about all of the concerns of yesterday which were carrying into this morning. I took a picture of the devotional message and sent it to one of the ones who’d confided a good deal of issues to me yesterday.

So often I forget this foundational piece of my walk with God. I even have PRAISE written at the top of my prayer list to remind me to begin my prayer time with praise. Yet, my praise is far too often without substance. So, this morning I praised God specifically for the list of yesterday’s issues knowing that the miracles of God’s work do and will take place. Satan wants so much to keep us focused on issues downplaying the immensity of God’s Kingdom Work. I needed today’s reminder and am so grateful for God’s faithfulness. I want to give Him my faithfulness in praising Him always.

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