Yesterday I wrote about the Word of God literally being The Holy Spirit speaking to me (to us) as we read it. Today this message was strengthened even more as I read the 4th chapter of Hebrews. I am a “doer” by nature. I get fulfillment from doing. I measure the success of the day by the amount of doing I get done. Yesterday was a perfect example. I had needed to trim trees in my yard so I did this only to find there was a good deal more trimming than I had expected. I ended making two trips to the county dump with a pickup bed loaded to the hilt each trip. When that was done I needed to mow the lawn and deliver the clippings to my kid’s goats. When all of that was done I felt satisfied and good that the day was meaningful. I even journaled about it this morning as I began my devotions.

My greater problem is that I naturally apply this same “doing” mentality to any thing needing to be done. When someone talks to me about their problems I wonder how I can help. If I cannot physically help I tend to let it go because I don’t want the problem haunting me as though I should do something I can’t. What today’s devotion was stressing for me is my need to surrender with TRUST. It isn’t about me or there would be something physically I could do. It is about The Holy Spirit working in the situation. God calls me to TRUST Him. Keep my mind and spirit focused on the fact the He is the Great Healer–not me and my works.

I know all of this and I even know it pretty well. However, I needed today’s message so I can strengthen my Trust. I know to surrender, but that doesn’t mean suspend from my thinking and prayer. I need to Praise God in advance for the work He is doing because I Trust Him completely. Another lesson in the making.

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