Today is the day we will inform the congregation at our church about the biblical counseling program. It officially begins tomorrow. I will be interviewed by one of our pastors. He said it will spontaneous so I do not need to prepare for the questions. In preparing myself for this day I’ve learned a big lesson about biblical counseling–The Holy Spirit is in charge or else it isn’t biblical counseling. Learning to listen and obey the nudges of the Holy Spirit is always at the beginning and throughout the session. Today will be a good example of this. The pastor interviewing me is the same one who presented me with the idea of starting a counseling program in the first place. I can’t remember if I wrote at that time, but it went like this. He said to me that God had told him to tell me it was time for me to quit working with schools and to begin a counseling program in our church. He asked what I thought about that and I said he’d need to give me about three days to process, right now I wasn’t breathing!

All of this took place last February. Since that time I’ve attended the Association of Biblical Counseling conference in April, completed the class they offer for the preparation of biblical counseling and worked with our administrative pastor to create the system for requesting the counseling, etc., and recruited two retired Christian counselors to join this project.

Today, more than anything, I am so humbled and grateful to know that the life I thought needed to be hidden until death is being used by God to help others know their life is on purpose and they matter greatly to this Magnificent God we get to serve. His Love, Grace and Mercy are waiting to be received. Asking for help starts the process.

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