There are a number of things I have running through my mind this morning for topics to write about. One is an email I received yesterday morning from a dear lady in our church. As the counseling program was being introduced to the congregation she thought she’d understood that those who come to receive counsel might struggle with their identity in Christ. When I explained to her in a responding email that this was a common struggle, she responded that they should let that go and receive Jesus’ identity for them. I chose not to respond to that comment because I feel it needs to be a face to face conversation. I doubt this person knows the battle one faces when moving from knowing what the bible says to believing it is real for them. I know this intense struggle very well from my own background.

This reminded me of 14 years ago when we were in our first year of Celebrate Recovery’s start for our church. A lady I respect deeply was providing our dinner this night. She said to me as she was setting up the dinner line, “Earnie, don’t you think these people that come back each week are just lazy? They just don’t seem to want to take the step of receiving the help Jesus/God has for them.” I reminded her of what I had told the church about my background and reason for wanting to start this ministry a year or so ago. She said she remembered and felt sorry that I had to go through my divorce. She didn’t even connect from what I’d said to the depth of struggle I expressed from my childhood abuse. I don’t think I’d mentioned my divorce, but she knew about it. I restated this part to her so she’d better understand why I was working with CR. When I finished saying this I asked her if she thought I was a lazy person for being here each week? She then said, “Oh my, I will never believe such a lie again. Thanks for making this struggle very clear to me.” She continued to cook for us for many years and never with judgment, just love and support.

Lots of people want to support others. Knowing how to do this without judgment is a key piece. We never stop growing in our understanding of the immensity of God’s love and grace. He wants our support to reflect His support.

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