Today is the birthday for my oldest daughter. She is almost home from driving all night taking her oldest daughter to Phoenix, AZ to complete her senior year in college. She and Faith drove there Monday along with Faith’s fiancé. It doesn’t matter what Amy, my daughter, has going on in her life, if one of her kids (and she has 6) needs her, she stops and takes the time to address it. I love this about her. What a good mom, friend, daughter she is!

Little by little the details of our counseling program come together. Yesterday I met with the other two working with me in this endeavor. They are both retired licensed counselors who have been Christians all of their adult years. Their depth of knowledge and support is so welcomed and appreciated. Each of them is donating 1.5 days to this. Later today I will have an appointment generated from the kickoff presentation Sunday morning. I still can hardly believe this is taking place, yet it is real and functioning. Wow, God is GOOD!

Last night our step study group did the lesson on RELAPSE. In this lesson we talked deeply about listening and it asks us to ponder how well we do listen. It then takes the question to listening to God and responding to the nudges we know from God’s Holy Spirit within. This morning as I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know for today, His response was about listening. He told me that listening and probing for understanding is a very healthy start, but only a start. Listening completes itself when we take what we heard and now understand to asking what the one talking to us would like/hope would happen now that they have been heard? This piece then completes listening so we can know if in listening there is something we ought to do. It also lays the ground work so The Holy Spirit can nudge us in the direction God wants us to take with what we’ve heard. We don’t need to surmise what to do, God’s Spirit will make this clear. I love this message for it will be most helpful in coming days.

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