There is something amazing happening in my life I have never anticipated taking place. This morning’s devotional time put it into words I’ve not been able to articulate. Hebrews 10, in the Passion, reveals the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins, but goes well beyond this into the complete meaning of this for those of us who receive Him. In the latter part of the chapter it describes the consequences of disbelieving Jesus and scorning the Holy Spirit. Starting with verse 29, it begins to outline all of this. It has a footnote which says if we insult the Holy Spirit, “…we insult the Spirit of grace. One of the names of the Holy Spirit is ‘the Spirit of Grace.’ The Holy Spirit is the dispenser and Lord of Grace. To be filled with the Holy Spirit means that you are filled with grace (spiritual power) to live pure, holy and undefiled.)”

I’ve always known the Gift of the Holy Spirit is given to me (us) when we accept Christ into our lives. If we surrender our will to Christ, we are allowing the Holy Spirit to have greater influence. Today I received a picture of this great Gift I’ve not had before today. The Spirit of God–The Holy Spirit is also The Spirit of Grace. This Spirit is within us and allows us to know the very essence of God’s Grace within us. The loving, accepting, patient, forgiving Grace of God.

How God transforms one who thought he must die to ever be clean to becoming clean and also housing the Spirit of Grace is nothing but AMAZING! Do you know this is for you? It is true for each of us–it is!

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