Today’s scriptural message is FAITH. There is a message in the 11th chapter about faith that made me stop and ponder for a while. The message is that having faith is possible when one knows the faithfulness of Yahweh–God our Redeemer. In order for faith to flourish in our lives we must believe that faith is real for us. This was my stumbling block for way too long. The lies of Satan using my own dad’s voice in my head blocked this truth from taking root. This is no longer true for me and it sure doesn’t need to be true for anyone reading this if you struggle as I did.

Today’s devotional tied directly to this message and I want to write a quote from it. It’s title is, “I Want You to Dance Upon the Ashes”. It reads in part, “Beloved, the enemy hates when his plans backfire. He’d rather knock you out and keep you out, but when you walk in the highest reality of my love, nothing can hold you down forever. If you take my hand, I will lead you to the mountain peaks, where your laughter will echo into every valley that once held your dry bones. But first, we will stop and dance upon the ashes. We will sow the seeds of resurrection life into what appears dead and desolate.,,, Though you have witnessed loss and destruction, life will come forth despite it all.”

There is nothing like seeing your ugly past become fertile ground as God uses it to help others find hope for their valley of dry bones. That ugly past makes me smile right now knowing God is using it to His Honor and Glory and I get to witness it. Wow, isn’t our God simply AMAZING!

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