I stand corrected! Actually, I’m sitting. What I wrote a couple days ago about James and his coming to believe his half-brother Jesus was the Savior of the world and the Son of God, is not correct. I did some more research on this to find that James was present when Jesus revealed himself to the disciples after his resurrection. He was also present when The Holy Spirit came upon Christ’s followers in the upper room. James did have his own experience like Paul did. I just hadn’t looked into this enough to see it. Finding one’s errors is always a part of one’s journey.

Last night in one of the counseling sessions a gentleman was seeking help with his self-esteem. One of the questions asked was what his children said about him? After some prodding, one of the things he said was that he was a good example of being a follower of God and his kids today were believers because of this example.

There are so many lies we believe about ourselves planted and fed by Satan and our flesh. These lies try to annihilate our value to God and the truth that scripture says about how God created us to be. We talked about this and I was asked when I believed these truths to be true for me and how long did it take to believe them? Unfortunately, I had to say it took 10+ years. It all started by first recognizing that what I had believed about myself were lies. Only then could I start believing any truth. That seed of truth about his value was planted last night. It will be fun to watch it grow as The Holy Spirit works.

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