This morning started with a phone call part way through my devotional time. A young man who spent a good deal of time getting his life back together after a nasty divorce called. He is 8 days from the wedding date for him and his new bride to be, and he has lost his job. He came by yesterday to give me the details of what had taken place and we talked in depth. This morning he hurts. He’s afraid to tell his soon to be in-laws for what man would call “good reasons”. However, they are a strong, Christian couple and I told him if it were me I’d wonder more why I hadn’t been told. I’d want to be part of the prayer team supporting my soon to be son-in-law.

There’s much more to this story, but God is always at work and He wants us to learn to respect His Spirit’s nudges in our lives. This is a part of our conversation of yesterday and this morning. There were nudges pushed aside which now he wishes he’d heeded. Life is a continuous one of lessons if we will see these events as such. I sure know this from living my own life all of these years. I know he will pull through and will be a stronger man as a result of this. His journey continues and has a boulder in the path it seems. Yet, God has a way of addressing these boulders as we let Him work. I look forward to see just what God is doing and will be doing. Finding faith in times of hurt is difficult. It needs to start with the support team holding up the one hurting.

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