As I begin to start today’s entry I am noticing there is no blog for yesterday the 20th. I remember writing it and I can recall the content of it, yet, it isn’t here. It isn’t in the draft category either which means it is lost or else I’m losing it! Yikes!

Today Kathy and I leave for the trip we have booked to take for 3 years in a row and now it is finally happening. It is to Turkey and Greece–The Journeys of Paul. The nice thing about getting to finally go now is that my younger brother and wife are also going. The total group is around 30 led by our pastor and wife. It is a 12 day trip so we will be returning on Oct. 3. I am not sure how well I’ll be able to keep my blogs current but I will do the best I can. God is never done with our journey and I don’t want to ever think I’ve arrived. He keeps the lessons going and I always want to be a good student no matter how old I get.

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