Today is starting as though an entirely new chapter in my life is forming. My journaling was telling God how much I desired to be more like His Son Jesus in my living each day. Believing as Jesus believed and having Faith as Jesus to always respond to the nudges of The Holy Spirit is my desire. When I asked Jesus what He wanted me to know from Him for today, He responded by asking me to surrender my mind, emotions, and spirit to His Holy Spirit already living in me. The Holy Spirit longs to do this but patiently waits for us to release fully all of ourselves to Him.

As I began my devotional reading it was entitled, “The Help You Need Begins With Me”. It’s message was confirming the result of surrendering every aspect of one’s self to The Holy Spirit. When this happens (as the devotional reads) “Everything that makes heaven real lives in you, my child, because I live in you.”

My Bible reading from The Passion was II Peter 1. Starting with vs 5, the section is entitled, “Faith’s Ladder of Virtue”. A footnote to this passage reads, “It is possible to view this passage like an unfolding of faith…. It is also possible to view this passage as a mathematical equation: Faith+goodness=understanding, goodness+understanding=inner strength, understanding+inner strength=patience, inner strength+patience=godliness, patience+godliness=mercy, and godliness+mercy=LOVE.”

All of this is what God offers you and me if we will only believe and allow His Faith to complete itself within us. This is my next assignment.

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