Yesterday seemed to be a day when making new connections was in order. I delivered one of my books to a man I met on our recent trip. He wanted to read it and then meet afterwards. He could only share a short amount regarding a troubling childhood. He felt like he could share more after he knew my story from the book. Later this morning I’m meeting with a man who had shared over time that he’d like to meet with me but he just couldn’t bring himself to talk openly about his past. While we were on our trip he had a nervous breakdown. (He wasn’t part of the trip). He is now home and I was able to talk with him yesterday. I’m going to their home so we can meet for the first time. I know his wife is aware of more detail than I am, but this will be a start.

God is so faithful and I look forward to watching His healing work begin as the days unfold for both of these gentlemen.

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