In the fall of 1968 I started college. Two weeks into this year I met a young man who asked me to sing in a quartet he wanted to start. This question started a friendship which has lasted throughout the past 54 years and I’m rather sure will continue into heaven’s eternity. This man’s birthday is today and I thank God for the lessons He has taught me through this friendship. How good God is!

Reading Revelation, coming off of the trip visiting the places talked about in this book, is nothing but rewarding. God is making it abundantly clear to stay true to Him and the teachings of His Son Jesus and to be fully awake to His Holy Spirit He has given to us who believe. To think that 2,000 years later His Word is just as alive as it was then and The Holy Spirit is just as powerful and meaningful as He was then. God wants us to not only believe but to trust that we are called to continue building His church. What a privilege it is to get to work with His Holy Spirit. I am forever grateful for God’s continued grace and mercy He gives abundantly.

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