I went yesterday morning to see my prayer warrior. She was wanting to be praying for the ones I’m counseling, but wanted pseudo names for them along with their counseling needs. I had created this list and took it to her. However, when I got there she was asking immediately how I was doing with my 3-R’s and what I was doing to replace any lies I was hearing? I thought, “How does she know to ask this, I haven’t talked to her about yesterday’s blog post?” God’s Holy Spirit is very much a part of her life and He knew.

There is nothing like a prayer warrior to clear your thinking and your believing. Some of what she was telling me is what I use in the sessions with others, but I had temporarily forgotten to put it into place for me. I love serving God and more than anything, I love being loved by God, His Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit. What would we do without this TEAM!

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