Recently I was given a devotional by my prayer warrior. She knows I give a devotional to my quartet members each Christmas so we can have a daily common focus with God. She wanted me to spend some time with this devotional to see if it would be a good choice for the coming year. I’ve been reading it along with the one chosen for this year. Today was startling as I read the two of them. The one I’m reading this year is written as though God is speaking the written message to you. I’ve written before that the author of it is also the key author to the Bible version I’m reading–The Passion. This new devotional’s style is written as a daily prayer from man to Jesus.

Today, while reading these two devotionals, I started with the one where God is speaking to me. Its message was asking me to hold nothing back from Him. A couple of quotes read, “Hold nothing back from me for I hold nothing back from you.” Two more are: “…for as you enter my world, all that contaminates and hinders love is removed from you.” And, “I have come into your world; now, come into mine.”

The second devotional which would be my prayer stated, “…I’ve been yearning for a problem-free life, but You’ve been showing me that trouble can highlight my awareness of Your Presence. In the darkness of adversity, the radiance of Your Face shines brightly–beaming out encouragement and comfort. Please enable me to view the problems in my life as beneficial, ‘…considering it pure joy whenever I face trials of many kinds. James 1:2′”

These two messages coming together today made me realize just how much I do hold back when God is asking me to hold nothing back for He has held nothing back for me (us). As I surrender all, it opens the door for receiving all God has to offer. Wow! What a rich message! Thank you Father God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit!

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