The desire for total surrender just doesn’t leave me. I can’t remember ever having this continual desire be so strong. Yes, I’ve always wanted to be someone who lived fully for Christ, but having selfish moments just seemed to be part of this life. And, as I’ve written many times, as long as these selfish moments didn’t look anything like my dad, I was fine. I know the flaws of that thinking now, and so this desire to live fully surrendered is here.

This morning as I was journaling to Jesus about this and I asked Him what He wanted me to know from Him for today? His response was immediate. That voice some call intuition said, “As you step into each activity of each day, invite me to be present and take part in it. If this action is without reservation, you know it is fine. If you instantly have a doubt or restraint, you know to step away.” I instantly thought that this was a very simple, yet thorough way to approach this. I also could easily see myself doing this. Thank you Jesus!

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