There is something steadfast about God which is amazingly solid and assuring. The more I awake to the emotions of man–my own, the more I am realizing just how wonderful it is to have God as my Solid Rock. Emotions do tend to control much about us if we let them be the controller of our actions. However, as I look deeper into our daily living it is not my emotions I want controlling me. I would not write a daily blog if I were living on emotions only. I’d write this only when “I felt like it”.

God plants seeds in us which He wants us to nurture and grow into maturity–well anchored within us. This would mean that these characteristics aren’t rooted only in our emotions, but within our surrendered spirit now motivated by God’s Holy Spirit within. God’s Spirit nudges and reminds what our commitments are and when necessary, why we are to follow through with them.

I no longer hate emotions as I did for most of my life. I have learned to respect them and appreciate them. Yet, I now also realize that emotions left to the flesh alone can look way too much like abuse, selfishness and so much more. However, emotions committed to supporting God’s Kingdom Work can look like tears of joy seeing this work being done.

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