In this journey of mine I’ve lived through the days of abuse, I’ve lived through the days of keeping the secrets, I’ve lived through the days of disclosing the secrets and finding freedom from them, and now today, I am learning what it is like to live in freedom. This current living all started when I would no longer believe I was not a new creation. Instead, I believe I am a new creation. I still marvel at this reality.

Today’s devotional had a sentence in it which caused me to quit reading and soak in its meaning. (Yes, and it brought me to tears). Here it is starting with the paragraph which houses the sentence. “I want you to think of the most beautiful elements of nature–the ones that have caused you to gasp in wonder and left you in awe. The brilliant sunsets that paint the sky are merely a token of beauty compared to you….”

Have you ever fathomed the truth that this is how God sees you and me? When a baby sees its mom or dad you can see its face light up with brilliance. When a mom or dad sees his/her little one, their face does the same. I’d never thought in a million years that my presence would bring a brilliant smile to God’s face, but in reading this I believe it to be true for His Word acknowledges such truth. This devotion references Song of Solomon 4:1 which reads: “Listen, me dearest darling, you are so beautiful–you are beauty itself to me!” God wants His new creations to believe this!

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