There is something about growing close to God. For me it is best described by the word expectation. It’s somewhat like hope, but expectation for me has roots where hope is looking for roots. I don’t know if this makes any sense, but for me I’ve grown into knowing that our God wants us expecting. I know not to plan out what I expect, God is far better at knowing what outcome is needed. I just know that God is going to address whatever need is given to Him. The other thing too is that I can thank Him in advance for what He is already doing and what He is going to be doing.

Before this year of working on being present each day in the belief that I’m a new creation, I had great faith in God’s work for each person I knew and prayed for. My own weaknesses and struggles, well, I pushed them aside most of the time. If I spent time on the topic of why God didn’t address them, I’d get discouraged and didn’t want to live there in that mindset. That’s not ok any longer.

This reality of stepping into God’s transforming love, which I wrote about yesterday, is incredible. I can truly see myself doing this each morning as I come to Him during my devotional time. Staying in that presence during the day is an actual reality too. In this reality God is showing me that my weaknesses and struggles and no longer my responsibility to overcome. He has already provided this overcoming through His Son Jesus and His Gift of The Holy Spirit. My job is to believe and respond to Their nudges. He wants me expecting. Boy do I love this Glorious Savior and Lord we get to serve!

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