I am constantly amazed at the way our God works. I write about this often I know, but I suppose when our goal in life is to daily live for God, the more we will continuously awaken to His remarkable, joyous ways.

Last night our quartet was singing for a church group we hadn’t been with before. I knew of the church and knew it was one reaching out to the community and thriving. Now I know why. Our purpose was to join them in their harvest celebration and provide for them a concert. Our quartet leader had asked that I tie my testimony to one of our closing songs. I’ve done this many times now but I’m always touched deeply by the follow-up responses. This church has a new Celebrate Recovery program so the supporting couple introduced themselves to me. A couple of different folks introduced themselves to me as my sisters in Christ. Many others just wanted to say thank you. One said she was so proud to call me her spiritual brother.

I’m always taken back by the intimate way God uses our past mess to create His Message. What an honor it is to serve Him!

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