In a counseling session yesterday, I was going to use my blog from two days ago to give the client a viewpoint different from his own. In so doing I found I’d labeled two days as Nov. 2. Sorry–it’s updated now.

In the counseling session something took place which bought about a very tender experience I’d had while I was in my own personal counseling about 12 years ago. It was when I encountered the emotional connection with my “little Earnie”. In the session for me, I recalled a moment of me giggling/laughing as a small child–4ish. The client yesterday had a similar experience and marveled with tears. His abuse mirrored my own as a young boy. He’d never had until yesterday, any emotional connection to his childhood memories. The tears came and we had to allow time for this joyous connection to take hold. In my autobiography I write about this experience of my own. It turned into a pathway of healing for me which I needed to walk in order for me to heal and replace lies I’d believed about myself. I know this is going to be similar for this client.

Tonight our quartet is singing for a Harvest Banquet at a church in a neighboring town. I’m asked to give my testimony tying it to a song entitled: God Doesn’t Care. God doesn’t care how awful the sins are that we are needing to bring to Him. He is waiting with open arms to embrace us and offer us His forgiveness and surround us with His tender loving care. I’ve learned this over and over and today rejoice in His Transforming Love and celebrate with another when they find a step of healing for themselves.

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