I’ve written before and I’m writing it now that reading through the Psalms as a new creation is a totally new experience. Instead of being a compilation of complaints and worries along with some praises, it has become a testament of man’s heart yearning to know his Lord and Savior, thanking Him for being his God no matter what he’s dealing with.

Jesus Christ is the bridge for us to access all that God Almighty has for us. I’ve always blocked out of my mind the hundreds of times I’ve pled with Jesus to take away the haunting memories of my past and the temptations connected to it. Never did I realize no matter who the individual is, he has battles to face simply because he is human/flesh/sinful. Living in my shell kept me from seeing and knowing this. I just knew mine and did my best to keep this under check (hidden from others). Now that I’m no longer a slave to this past, I see the glorious beauty God has in the Psalms.

There is an entirely new world to live in once we take the step of salvation and believe all that Christ has done for mankind is genuinely real for yourself. Passing this truth along will forever be a goal for living for me from this point forward.

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