God has really been focusing me on this topic of emotions lately. Before I began to read the Psalms I’d already anticipated my need for this focus, yet I had no idea God would be so intentional on His part. My devotional hit it squarely today. The title is: “Process Your Emotions with Me”. Here is a portion of the message. “…I never asked you to push down your feelings when things go painfully wrong. I’ve never said that it’s an error to experience a gamut of emotions. In fact, I gave them to you, so you’ll know what’s going on inside of you. So that you can step into communication with me and get my perspective and discover areas of mistrust, incorrect mindsets and wounds that need healing.” I allow you to feel. I actually invite you to become aware of your deepest emotions….”

Yesterday had a moment where things went “painfully wrong”. These feelings were still with me this morning and then I read this devotional. The reality that I can “step into communication with God and get His perspective in order to discover areas of mistrust, incorrect mindsets and wounds that need healing, just hadn’t hit me before. Starting today I want to take time to let God do His Work in this arena while I trust. I won’t push the emotions down, I’ll let God clarify in His timing and obey His nudges.

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