As I had finished writing yesterday’s blog entry I knew I needed to see my prayer warrior. I went to see her mid morning and had a wonderful time sharing this new need of awakening to emotions and seeing them as a part of me rather than a threat to me. She quickly admitted she did not relate to the threat of emotions as she’d not been raised as I had. However, she was also able to show me why I would want to keep emotions alive within and use them as tools rather than threats. She also reminded me to praise God in advance for what He is going to be doing with this new awakening.

As we went into our counseling sessions later afternoon and evening, I arrived at the church ahead of time to unlock our rooms. One of the other two also arrived early so I opened to her about this topic of emotions. Her first counselee was a man who she has been seeing and I had been observing through the summer. He and I know one another well. When he arrived he saw us talking and I invited him to join the topic knowing his own struggles. He quickly admitted his needs here so the counselor began to have him open up. (I was able to stay in this session because my person had cancelled his appointment for yesterday). The session became one of those God-moments where the counselee and I were given Godly wisdom and I could sense God’s Spirit removing fear and replacing it with trust.

When I got home later in the evening the counselee had text me thanking me for the excellent session. I reminded him that it was a God moment and he agreed.

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