When I started this blog 6 years ago I did so because I found that my journey to find freedom didn’t end with the writing of my autobiography. About 9 months afterwards I knew I needed to keep myself open and honest about my recovery. I couldn’t hide any longer the fact that freedom was on the horizon, but not anchored in me. The solidity of freedom in Christ is now secure. But, what is brand spanking new is this arena of being open to my “feelings”/”emotions”. I’ve always known I have them, but recognizing them and giving them attention is something I’ve never wanted to do or admit I should do.

These past few days have been abundant with feelings–most of them in the area of being overwhelmed. I’m at a good place with the counseling and not often sensing any overwhelming with it. There are moments, but they tie to things I need to release and simply let The Holy Spirit do His Work. There are other things like the Christmas program I’m in, some items with family, etc. which dominate this overwhelming. I’ve always shoved these items down in the past and muscled my way through them. Today I want to allow TRUSTING in God and letting Him awaken in me anything I’m needing to learn from this. It is an area of very new learning. I’ve always been scared of strong emotions from my childhood with dad and I know God is wanting me to grow beyond this now that I know I’m a new creation.

OK, I’ve admitted this and I release it to God trusting in His Almighty Power to awaken me to what I’m needing to know and learn (and apply if needed).

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