My goodness, being a new creation is something Jesus gave to me 60+ years ago. However, I feel as though this gift remained unopened until the last couple of years. Even when I opened this gift and accepted it as a gift from God, I have only recently begun to use this gift. In so doing I’m discovering that it is now to be all of me. If I’m to receive the full benefits of this gift, I must relinquish the driver of Earnie in every aspect of my life. The amazing thing is that now–I want to do this!

As I was journaling this morning I was recognizing so many areas where I have surrendered my will, yet God was kindly showing me other areas. I asked Jesus what I needed to do differently and His response was something like this, “Oh, my son, there’s so many simple, yet pridefully difficult steps one needs to take. Most importantly is to confess one to another so you can pray for each other and in so doing, be healed. James 5:16. Selfish choices keep freedom at bay. Choosing to surrender your prideful self keeps sin at bay. This is My focus for you as you move forward in living life as this new creation I’ve given.

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