There is a song I often use in our worship at Celebrate Recovery. I have to confess that I use it because the message of it resonates in my heart. Its title is: “How Can I Keep From Singing His Praise”. This morning the song is going through my head over and over. This past week of critical analysis regarding my total surrender to Christ has been one of genuine revelation. I’ve never wanted to be a selfish person like I saw my dad as being, yet I find that flesh is selfish no matter who you are. I have to confess that this is just as true for me as it was for my dad. My flesh may look different from dad’s, but what it has in common is selfishness.

God, in His loving kindness and patience, has shown me that total surrender doesn’t keep me from looking like dad, instead, it allows God to mold me more into the image of His Son. This is so humbling and makes me want to SING HIS PRAISE! How I love Him!

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